NCVO Members’ Assembly – 4th Feb 2019 at Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

NCVO Members’ AssemblyNCVO

Engaging with our 14,000 members face-to-face is core to our work as a membership organisation. We hold meetings throughout the year, aiming to reach all nine English regions over an 18-month period.

The meetings enable us to gather vital intelligence from the sector and understand the challenges that voluntary organisations face, which informs all our work. Our assemblies are also a great opportunity for our members to network with each other, share ideas about current issues and talk directly to NCVO staff about how we can support them.

Next Meeting


4 February 2019


10.00-14.00  (including 13:00-14:00 free networking lunch)


Oxford, hosted in partnership with Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action.

Booking form available soon

We hope that by attending, our members will have the opportunity to:

  • hear the latest on public policy and other current issues facing the sector, and how NCVO is working on these
  • learn about the practical benefits and resources of your NCVO membership
  • contribute your ideas to NCVO work
  • meet other NCVO members and network over a free lunch.

We are particularly keen to hear a wide diversity of views.

Who can attend

Meetings are open to staff and trustees of all NCVO’s 14,000+ member organisations. Non-member organisations in the local area are also welcome. Booking in advance is required please.

Contact us

Should you have any enquiries about the Member’s Assembly or to register your interest in the next meeting in your region, please email