Oxford Support Network Over Winter (OxSNOW) – volunteers needed to help elderly and vulnerable people

A new support group called OxSNOW (Oxford Support Network Over Winter) has been developed which will deliver essential supplies to the elderly/vulnerable in the winter months.

During the winter, a simple walk to the shops can be extremely dangerous for the elderly, which is where this service would come in. The hope is to get a network of volunteers to essentially be a helpline when the frost and snow come so that the elderly can call them if they don’t feel safe enough to go to the shops if supplies run low as some don’t have any close by relatives that can just drop by to help.

I am currently building a network of volunteers and members of the community that would benefit from OxSNOW when the snow and frost comes. If you would like more information please contact: Suzi Brathwaite email: suzi@oxsnow.co.uk