JSNA – Update on crime trends data and new report on ethnicity and language of primary school pupils

2019 update of the Oxfordshire Strategic Intelligence Assessment

The Strategic Intelligence Assessment is developed on behalf of the Safer Oxfordshire Partnership and shows crime trends and community safety data from national and local datasets.

There is a summary and a full report.

  • Crime rates remain relatively low in rural Oxfordshire.  In Cherwell and Oxford the overall rates of crime is mid-table compared with nearest neighbours.
  • Police recorded crime has increased (some of which is related to changes in recording practice) and the new crime severity score has also increased in Oxfordshire (and nationally).
  • There have been increases in the numbers of police recorded victims of abuse and exploitation in Oxfordshire.

The SIA informs planning by partners and has raised a number of questions for further in-depth (“deep dive”) analysis.

New JSNA bitesize on ethnicity and language of Oxfordshire’s primary school pupils

We are continuing to develop one page summaries of topics in the JSNA (as requested by last year’s conference) and Simon from the Performance and Information team has provided an analysis of the latest January 2019 school census data for a new JSNA bitesize on ethnicity and language of primary school pupils.

  • 26% of pupils at primary schools (in years 1 to 6) in Oxfordshire were from ethnic minority backgrounds, 55% in Oxford.
  • Oxford city’s primary pupils have a very wide range of first languages; as of January 2019 there were 78 first languages with 35 spoken by 10 or more primary pupils.

NOTE: JSNA infographic revised

The JSNA “snake” infographic has been revised to correct the number of first time young offenders (we originally included total offenders) and other, more minor, typos.