Wallingford Food Bank – need urgent help finding new premises

Wallingford Food Bank needs a permanent place to be where they can have everything under one roof, that is storage and distribution.  At present the storage area is in a spare bedroom and garages. The Bullcroft is their distribution point and the immediate need (as of end of July) is a temporary location for that.  It needs to be near the town centre of Wallingford for the sake of our clients, many of who do not have transport.  For that they need space to house three metal cabinets and two standard filing cabinets.  They need a waiting area for their clients (about 6 chairs is enough) and a good size work bench for sorting and packing food.  The Bullcroft bench is a kitchen bench and is about 6m long.

They are only open to clients on Mondays and Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm but need access at other times for re-stocking.  They have a web site if you would like to know a little more:-   www.wallingfordfoodbank.org.uk.

Can you help? Please contact info@wallingfordfoodbank.org.uk