JSNA 3 new information reports – adults needs assessment / carers / universal credit

Working Age Adults Needs Assessment

The Oxfordshire needs assessment for working age adults is a supplementary report to the main JSNA and provides additional health and wellbeing data on working age adults (aged 18-64) with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health problems.

Some findings from the assessment:

  • Oxfordshire has an above-average proportion of people with disabilities in employment (66% vs the national average of 54%);
  • 4,200 people in Oxfordshire were working full time AND caring for someone for 20 hours or more per week.


The JSNA Bitesize on the Adult Social Care survey findings for Oxfordshire 2018-19 reports on data from the latest survey of carers showing that:

  • 69% of adult carers with support or services in Oxfordshire were satisfied.  This was just below the England average of 69.9% and just above the average for Shire counties of 68.5%;
  • An above average and increasing proportion of carers in Oxfordshire reported feelings of stress and financial difficulties;
  • Just under a third of carer respondents (31%) in Oxfordshire reported that they have had to see their own GP in the last 12 months because of their caring role, above the national average of 29%.  This may reflect carers in Oxfordshire in poorer health and/or that carers are now more likely to seek support from their GP.

Universal Credit

A JSNA Bitesize on Universal Credit has been produced in collaboration with Citizens Advice Oxfordshire:

  • As of March 2019, there was a total of 13,931 people in Oxfordshire claiming Universal Credit of whom 40% were in employment. The highest number were living in Oxford City, the highest rate per population was in Cherwell.
  • Since the introduction of Universal Credit in October 2017, Citizens Advice agencies in Oxfordshire have seen an increasing number of people requesting help with the new benefit.

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