Launch of Co-production Oxfordshire’s ‘ Working Together Handbook’

Knowing how to do Co-production can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created the Working Together Handbook – a helpful and user-friendly collection of our best practice guidance to getting it right.

Co-production is not a new or difficult concept. In simple terms, it means working together to change or improve something, or problem-solving together. But it is a different way of working for many people and organisations, and this can often mean it’s a bit of a challenge to know where to start.

We say that there is no roadmap for co-production; the process will look different each time, as the nature of the ‘problem’, and the group of people involved in solving it, will vary.

This Handbook is designed to help anyone do co-production, whether you are new to it entirely, or have years of experience. In it, we share the key principles and methods that will support you with the process.

More information on attached: handbook blog content oct 20192