FUNDING: Oxfordshire County Council – Youth Opportunity Fund (closing date 22/11/19)

The fund is open to voluntary and community groups as well as district, town and parish councils.

Oxfordshire has a good range of activities for young people. Oxfordshire County Council has developed the Youth Opportunity Fund to support organisations establish new youth opportunities or to extend existing activities or provide additional sessions for areas or groups of young people.

The target group are young people between the ages of 11 to 18 and 11 to 25 where young people have special educational needs.

The total amount of the fund is £1 million available for two years from the date of award and up to a maximum of £70,000 per application across the two years.

The fund will be allocated across Oxfordshire to ensure all areas have the opportunity to bid for the financial support. Once the available resource is used the Youth Opportunity Fund will be closed.

More information: Youth Opportunity Fund