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Funding: The Ragdoll Foundation – grants for promoting arts and creativity for children

November 27, 2019

The Ragdoll Foundation is dedicated to supporting the creation, appreciation and awareness of imaginative and innovative content, programmes and projects that reflect the world from a child’s point of view.
Our primary purpose is to make grants for charitable purposes that:
 Evidence the power of arts and creativity and their transformative power for children
and young people;
 Promote children’s development through their imaginative thinking;
 Encourage innovative thinking and influence good practice elsewhere;
 Ensure effective evaluation of projects to promote sharing and learning;
 Above all, demonstrate how concerns of children can be heard.

The Ragdoll Foundation’s Open Grants scheme has been designed to support the cultural sector’s work with children and young people. Our vision is to support projects where the concerns of childhood can be heard. All applications are expected to contribute to the Ragdoll Foundation’s primary purpose.

Our Open Grants scheme operates a rolling deadline; further information is in the guidance notes.

We are a small foundation and seek to keep our administrative costs to a minimum and concentrate our resources on grant giving. We cannot discuss prospective applications or give detailed pre-application advice. The best way for us to understand what you are looking to achieve with our funding is to read your first stage application. Preference will be given to innovative projects that share the same values of imagination and creativity as the Ragdoll Foundation. In particular, those projects which have a deep commitment to listening to children and allow the perceptions and feelings of children themselves to be better understood.

We are mainly interested in applications that involve children during their early years, but appropriate projects for older children (up to 18 years) will also be considered.

We welcome applications of up to £50k though the majority of grants we make are likely to be in the region of £5k to £20k. Applications will be considered for both one-off short-term projects and for projects lasting up to three years.

More details: http://www.ragdollfoundation.org.uk/portfolio/grant-giving

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