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Free taxi service to take older people to Christmas Day events

December 12, 2019

An Oxford-based taxi company will drive the elderly on Christmas Day for free.

001 Taxis do not want older people to spend Christmas alone and so it is offering them a taxi service free of charge to and from their home.

A good opportunity for charities holding Christmas Day events for older people to be able to arrange transport to and from the event..

A spokesman from the taxi company said: “We appreciate that travel can be an issue and 001 would like to offer assistance. We do not want older people without family to be alone. Christmas Day should be spent with friends and family, but sadly not all are blessed.

“We at 001 want to give the less fortunate a chance to have a festive Christmas.”

The team are looking into hiring a venue next year so that they can cook a feast for the elderly, combined with Christmas presents and providing transport.

001 Taxis is posting on social media in the run up to Christmas in the hope that organisers of festive functions will see that the company would like to help them bring the elderly to their event.

If you need help with getting your elderly guests to and from your event on Christmas Day, email the team on aftercare@001taxis.com.

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