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Funding: OCF – Impact Grant focussed on Homelessness Prevention and Move on Housing

January 29, 2020

Following the successful Oxford Homeless Movement Christmas Match Fund, an Impact Fund has been established.  OCF is hosting and managing the fund, on behalf of Oxford Homeless Movement and is now seeking to award grants around increasing move on housing and homelessness prevention.

Move on Housing

  • Refurbishment of existing housing stock to make more suitable for residential use
  • Using existing houses to provide supported housing
  • Providing support to those already accommodated in private rental or housing association properties to help them maintain tenancies
  • Providing support services to those people needing ‘move on’ housing

Homelessness Prevention

The majority of people become homeless due to the inability to afford private rent and the impact of a relationship/family breakdown.  We also recognise other causes such as ex-offenders, ex-armed forces, substance abuse/recovery, etc.

  • Providing advice services to those in danger of homelessness, i.e. Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs), unemployed, families, etc.
  • Family/relationship counselling
  • Debt counselling

Full details: https://oxfordshire.org/grants/delivering-impact-programme/homelessness-prevention-grants/

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