Funding: Les Mills Fund for Children – grants to improve the education, physical and emotional wellbeing of children aged 0-16

The Les Mills Fund for Children works with carefully selected organisations who share our values and have the resources available to help children. LMFC raises money to fund other charitable projects within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In order to raise money our dedicated team carry out a wide range of charitable work.

Our mission is to create a healthier and fitter planet and we want to make the opportunity available to everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a reality so we want to do our bit to ensure as many children as we can get the opportunity to grow up healthy, fit and most importantly, happy.

We award the funds we raise to registered charities and accountable non-profit organisations who we believe will do their most to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children aged 0-16. Your work may focus on one or more of these areas:

  1. Living in poverty
  2. Physical and mental health problems
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Living with disability

Funding for projects – up to £1000.

Next closing date: Tuesday 28th April 2020

More information: