Oxford Tenants Union – supporting those renting housing especially during COVID-19

The Oxford Tenants Union, is a group of concerned citizens who are building a movement of renters in Oxford to provide mutual aid, solidarity and support to make renting secure and affordable for all.

We are concerned about how Covid-19 is affecting those in vulnerable housing situations and living in the private rental sector. We are hearing from many people who are struggling to pay rent or who are under threat of eviction despite the Government’s recent ban.

We wanted to share a pack of resources we created to help you provide accurate and effective support and give advice to those who are worried about their housing situation.

We’ve created this simple flyer Info sheet for community volunteers or viewable online here which contains the key information which community volunteers and support organisations should be aware of. Please share this amongst your organisation members or other staff who are out and about in communities.

We have a more in-depth resource pack on our website, including template letters and more in-depth advice: