FUNDING: ALPKIT – grants for organisations serving those affected by coronavirus

Grassroots Support Now

We are now prioritising our funds to support projects that demonstrate an immediate impact on those effected by the Covid-19 virus crisis. As a community we believe we are a resourceful and adventurous bunch and we welcome any applications from individuals or organisations serving those affected by the coronavirus across the country.

We will check applications daily and fast-track any that meet our criteria.

    Examples of projects we will consider:

  • Being active in your local community to help elderly or vulnerable people
  • Minimising the impact of self-isolation for those in quarantine and need access to food, medicines or social care
  • Supporting foodbanks and increasing the number of meals on wheels deliveries to support the elderly
  • Supporting those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation
  • Bringing adventure indoors and overcoming the obstacles that prevent us benefiting from going outdoors

Full details: