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Volunteers’ Week: OCVA online sessions for groups focusing on funding related to volunteering

May 21, 2020

The purpose of the sessions would be to identify potential funding sources for :

  • Setting up and maintaining mutual aid/community groups- for example, funding to purchase resources and training (such as PC’s, software, training on safeguarding, GDPR etc.) that could be used to develop and maintain street level and local volunteers.
  • Funding to reimburse ‘out of pocket expenses’ such as mileage, insurance etc.
  • Funding to support promotion of volunteering (both online and print)
Session One- Tuesday 02/06/2020 11.00 am – 12.00 pm

Introductions and what each group is doing in respect to volunteering

Outline of what groups would need to get grants and be ‘funding ready’ (e.g. governance documents, policies and procedures, setting up monitoring systems etc.)

How informal groups could partner up with each other or established organisations to secure funding through ‘accountable bodies’


Session Two- Thursday 04/06/2020 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Introductions & what each group would like to secure funding for

Outline of possible funding pots, how to apply and what the turnaround time is

Highlighting other ways of income generation or donations


To take part in any of these sessions please register by emailing admin@ocva.org.uk ( use the word ‘funding’ and date of workshop in subject heading) and provide your email address, name of your organisation or group and a contact telephone number (in case there are any issues with the online services).

Both sessions will be held using Zoom. 

Please register by Fri 29/05/2020.



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