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Cherwell District Council – Free bike repairs sessions in Banbury and Kidlington

May 28, 2020

Dr Bike sessions have been arranged for Kidlington and Banbury  There are two in Kidlington and 6 in Banbury at two locations.  They offer free repairs (List of repairs are on the posters and anything not on there can be done at cost) for bikes.

05162 Dr Bike 2020 dates poster A4_Banbury

05162 Dr Bike 2020 dates poster A4_Kidlington

There is a booking system on Eventbrite so residents must book on, there is no eligibility criteria but we are being strict on the timings due to covid and not wanting large groups of people turning up at once.

There are links to Eventbrite for people who want to sign up. Anyone who can’t access Facebook or Eventbrite can email the healthy place shaping email to book a slot or we can do it through our partners over the phone etc. We do not want having no internet to be a reason someone cannot get their bike fixed. Ideally, The same person must come and collect to avoid bikes going missing.




The first session in Banbury is Grimsbury community hall this Saturday 10-2pm.

The first session in Kidlington is also this Saturday at 10-2pm at Exeter Hall.

We have a qualified mechanic at each session who will have a couple of volunteers from local cycling clubs to help out and everyone will be supplied with gloves and anti-bacterial products, and social distancing rules will be in place. The bike mechanic will check and sign off all bikes before they are handed back and all will be wiped down with anti-bacterial product.


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