FUNDING: Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust – Small grants for work with older people and people with disabilities

The Ann Rylands Small Donations programme makes grants of up to £1,500 to support smaller charities across the UK providing support for older people, people with disabilities or others facing difficulties in their lives.

Applications are only accepted from charities registered and operating within the UK. The Trust does not accept applications from individuals, faith-based charities, or from charities whose annual income exceeds £5 million.

Successful applicants are awarded grants of up to £1,500 towards the charity’s core costs or to support a specific project. This programme does not award multi-year funding or provide substantial sums for capital appeals.

Each case is considered on its merits and the Trustees’ policy is to spread the funds as widely as possible. Our funding criteria are deliberately broad to enable the Trust to support a range of charities working in areas that align with our mission. We nevertheless prioritise applications from charities which offer practical support for:

  • older people
  • people with disabilities or living with serious illness, or
  • people facing challenges with mental health, social exclusion, homelessness or other difficulties in their lives.

Ann Rylands Small Donations