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SVUK – workshop about impact management for VCSE sector (15.09.20)

September 10, 2020

South East VCSE Impact Management workshop: Acting for Impact – working practices and organisational culture –

Tuesday 15 September


This is the third session in a 3 part series of online workshops about impact management for VCSE sector organisations from the South West of England.

The series is being run by Inspiring Impact delivery partner SVUK in collaboration with our Inspiring Impact Regional Partner for the South West: Clarity CIC.

This session will focus on ‘Acting for impact – Working practices and organisational culture’.
In the first session we looked at the importance of making decisions from the data we are gathering. In the second session, looks at gathering data, different methods, and approaches. In this final session, we will look at how to embed impact practice into our organisations as a core part of how we manage our activities. During a year of extreme and fast paced change all of our organisations have had to adjust in many different ways. Including both our delivery and our impact management practice. But how has this affected our different stakeholder groups, and are they engaged and coming on the journey with us? Are there things about our organisational culture that have made things easier / less easy in these times of change? And where does our impact management practice fit in this? Has it been welcome / used data in changes or been resisted? Are we learning from the crisis and taking this forwards?
This session will be looking at:

– engaging our different stakeholder groups to own and be a part of our impact management
– developing, or improving our relationships with different partners using our impact data
– a learning culture: looking at understanding our impact and using this data as a core part of continuous improvement
– an accountability culture: embracing being accountable for the impact that we have in peoples lives
The session will include some case examples of organisations who have embedded impact practice into their organisations

The session will be 1 hour 15 mins long and involve group discussions, resource sharing and action planning.

Register in advance here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrcOmtrz0tEtF7HZl-GR3Q8yZmfB4bD0gM

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