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Community Hub Emergency Relief Grants for food related projects

October 4, 2020

The Community Hub Emergency Relief Grants scheme, established by Oxfordshire’s six councils, is now open for applications.
A £500,000 countywide scheme has been funded by an allocation from Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The scheme, which is intended to be allocated by 31 October, is designed to support emergency need for food and other essential supplies. It is administered by the city and district councils. Alongside limited emergency funding for individuals, a small-grants scheme is now open to local voluntary and community organisations tackling the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Voluntary and Community Sector Grants

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support the work of voluntary not-for-profit organisations, working to relieve hardship in their community and prevent food insecurity. Projects that can be funded include, but are not limited to, community food banks and food projects such as larders and fridges.
Please encourage community or voluntary organisations who may be eligible for the fund to visit their district or city council website for further information and to check if they meet the criteria:
Cherwell: www.cherwell.gov.uk/info/118/communities/290/community-grants/4
Oxford City: www.oxford.gov.uk/EAgrant
South Oxfordshire: www.southoxon.gov.uk/services-and-advice/community-adviceand-support/grants-and-community-loans
Vale of Whitehorse: www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/services-and-advice/communityadvice-and-support/grants
West Oxfordshire: www.westoxon.gov.uk/communities-and-leisure/coronaviruscommunity-support/

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