FUNDING: Friends of the Elderly – small grants for vulnerable older people

Small grants are available to support vulnerable older people living on low incomes in England and Wales.

Friends of the Elderly currently have four grant streams open for older people who are of/over state pension age, have savings of less than £4,000, and who do not fit the criteria for other funders:

  • Home Essentials to help with the cost of replacing everyday items, small home repairs and mobility adaptations;
  • Digital Connection to help older people get online;
  • Financial Support to help with unexpected bills;
  • Essential Living Costs including clothing, food, medicines and books.

Who are our grants for?

Friends of the Elderly provides small grants to older people who are:

  • Resident in England and Wales
  • Of/over state pension age
  • Who are living on low incomes and with little savings
  • Who do not fit the criteria for other funders

How can you apply?

Referral Agent must make a grant application on an individual’s behalf and referral agents can download an application pack and guidance notes, which can be emailed to

If a referral agent requires a word version of the application form/pack please email and a member of the team will send one to you.

More information, including who can be a Referral Agent can be found here:

Full details: