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Thames Valley Cancer Alliance – Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign

November 25, 2020

Thames Valley Cancer Alliance (TVCA) has launched a local campaign to encourage Men to know and understand their risk of prostate cancer. This awareness campaign is running throughout November 2020. TVCA have seen that prostate cancer referrals have declined heavily during COVID-19, and unlike other tumour sites, it has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, meaning men maybe sitting on their symptoms. The information in the attached resource pack is intended to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of discussing it with a GP if a man is concerned or worried.

TVCA Prostate Awareness Resource Pack – For Community Groups

The pack itself contains –

  • Prostate Awareness Posters & Leaflets
  • Easy Read Guide
  • Domino Effect Comic Book: A useful resource to encourage men from African and Afro-Caribbean communities to take control of their prostate health
  • Prostate Cancer Risk online tool and Prostate Cancer Awareness video (by our Thames Valley Cancer Alliance GP)


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