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Oxfordshire Homeless Movement -Help us avoid the tragedy of a return to the streets this Christmas

December 15, 2020

During the first lockdown, something unprecedented happened: people across the country were immediately brought in from the streets to protect them and the public from the threat of the pandemic. Could homelessness be solved overnight? 

Sadly not. Rough sleeping is like the tip of a large homelessness iceberg and of course, temporary accommodation is not a home. Now, due to the economic fallout of lockdown, pressure is building again. But we can end homelessness if we are determined enough.

Our projects fill the gaps that others can’t, such as supporting people who cannot access any government-funded services due to their country of origin; providing the finishing touches to accommodation that turns it into a real home; and ensuring that the voices of those with lived experience of homelessness are at the heart of local decision-making.

It would be a tragedy for this story to end with an increase in homelessness and a return to rough sleeping. With your help, we can create a better ending, making the most of these opportunities, right now and over the long term.

Between Tuesday 8th December and Friday 8th January, Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) is pledging to match the first £20,000 of donations to Oxfordshire Homeless Movement. When eligible for Gift Aid, a typical £30 donation will be worth £67.50.

What you can do to help

  • Donate funds you would have spent on Christmas parties to our appeal and have them matched pound for pound by OCF.
  • Create online versions of events or fundraisers you might have done for a normal Christmas – carol singing, charity Christmas cards etc.
  • Give your time, or resources that are needed by people experiencing homelessness – find out what’s needed on our website.

Thank you again for caring so much about those experiencing homelessness in Oxfordshire, and please look out for our email, Facebook and Twitter updates over the coming weeks.

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