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Community Spaces – storage, office and retail space rent free

April 22, 2021

We have a list of properties properties that are available to charitable organisations –  storage, office and retail space in prominent locations throughout the UK that are available to charities free of rent. Some of these properties are not currently commercially listed and range from the small to the very large. They could provide a new home for your operation, or indeed offer another valuable revenue stream to your charity through retail, if not considered before.

At Community Spaces we work with hundreds of charities and landlords across the UK, and we don’t charge charities for this kind of service. Our fees are received from the landlords. We have many available properties nationwide if you feel something further a field maybe of interest.

Occupation terms can vary from a short period, to something longer if you so require. So could be a useful temporary / intermediate solution to any charity operation that needs space. As mentioned these properties are free of rent, and in most cases free of service charges too.

If this is of any interest, and you would like more information visit our website at www.community-spaces.co.uk

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