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FUNDING: Oxfordshire County Council – UK Community Renewal Fund

April 22, 2021

At the beginning of March, the UK Government announced three funding streams that would be available to help communities ‘Level Up’ which are the Community Renewal Fund, the Levelling Up Fund and the Community Ownership Fund. The latter will not open for applications until June, however, the Levelling Up Fund (for Capital Infrastructure bids) and the Community Renewal Fund are open for application now.

The Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government funding initiative to help local areas prepare for the introduction of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and is particularly focused on innovative projects that align with local need. It is open to applications from the Education, Voluntary and Community Sectors and Umbrella Business Organisations and will support projects that align with at least one of the following investment priorities:

  • Investment in skills
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place
  • Supporting people into employment.

We welcome bids from any organisations wishing to deliver activity as part of this fund. Proposals put forward must deliver against key local growth priorities, which you can check with your local council, and must be delivered by 31 March 2022. More information about the fund can be found on our website, including access to the Government Prospectus which we strongly recommend reading before submitting an application.

 To apply for this funding, applications must be made to: communityrenewalfund@oxfordshire.gov.uk by 5pm on 28 May 2021. Please use the UK Community Renewal Fund: application form which can be found on the Government website.

The role of Oxfordshire County Council, in partnership with the City and District Councils, includes a Gateway Review of all proposals received, with a total of up to £3m per place of eligible bids being submitted to the UK Government for their assessment process. Please note that successful applications through our Gateway Review are not guaranteed funding, as the final decision will be made by the UK Government.

If you would like an informal conversation about the fund, or have any questions, please send an email to communityrenewalfund@oxfordshire.gov.uk

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