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How do I find out about organisations looking for trustees?

September 8, 2021

The first thing is to ask yourself some questions.   What are my interests?  What do I care about?  What does it feel really important to support?   Find out as much as you can about charities working in these fields.

You can approach organisations themselves expressing your interests and asking to talk to someone.  Try to be clear about skills and experience you might offer to a charity.  However, remember as well that good people who are reliable, of sound judgement and prepared to contribute where they can are always in short supply!

Several organisations work to match good people with organisations seeking trustees.

The Lieutenancy Trustee List is a confidential list of people with senior leadership experience.  Charities who are looking for trustees describe their service and specify the experience and skills they seek.  This brief information is then distributed to all on the list, in confidential format.  Those who are interested contact the organisation direct for further information and to take matters further if they wish.  There is no commitment to engage unless interested in doing so and contact details of those on the list are never given to organisations without permission.

Contact:  lieutenancyoffice@stevenson-oxford.co.uk

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