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Waste Wizard – Online recycling tool

September 9, 2021

If you’re confused about what’s recyclable in your area, or if you are having a bit of a clear out and think something could be reused but you’re not sure how, then Waste Wizard is here to help.

40,000 residents across the county have already used the tool to help defeat general waste – checking to see whether their unloved items can be donated, repaired or recycled. It’s easy. Just add your postcode and the item you want to get rid of, and Waste Wizard will tell you your options. If something isn’t on the list, then simply click the button to ask us to add it. Every extra item we can reuse, repair or recycle makes a real difference to the amount of waste that is disposed of. Together we can make Oxfordshire greener. www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/wastewizard

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