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Team or Board Coaching – pro bono offer for voluntary groups. Apply now for this opportunity.

March 23, 2022

Pro Bono Team or Board Coaching

I am thrilled to offer a pro bono team coaching engagement for 1 senior leadership team (of around 6 – 8 team members) or 1 board (of around 6 – 10 trustees) between March and May 2022.

Details of what team coaching is and the time commitments of this offer can be found below. If you would like to apply for this opportunity please complete this survey by Friday 1st April.

Nick Myles-Cook

I have been working as a coach and facilitator since 2016. In this time I have developed a keen interest in working alongside senior leadership teams, board of trustees and CEOs in the third sector to help them learn, build and grow.

I hold a passion for working with teams that are curious and excited about the positive long term impact they can have on the world and how they can realise this legacy by becoming more than the ‘sum of their parts’. Team coaching is a pioneering practice that builds on the strong foundations of one to one coaching and something that I believe has the potential to create powerful shifts for voluntary sector leadership teams and boards.

As part of my CPD I recently gained a masters level certificate in Team, Board and Systemic Coaching at Henley Business School. Having delivered several virtual team coaching assignments, I am now looking to work face to face alongside an Oxfordshire based SLT or board.


What is Team Coaching?

Coaching is unlocking a coachee’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. In team coaching, the ‘coachee’ is the team as an entity, rather than any one particular individual.

Team coaching allows a team to learn together through honest dialogue and consistent reflection. Team coaching can allow teams to enhance both themselves and the system in which they exist.

In previous team coaching engagements I have worked with teams to:

  • Help move past a collective feeling of the team being ‘stuck’ through generative dialogue to align on purpose and what is needed to deliver on this purpose.
  • Increase mutual trust and respect, have honest conversations, address the elephants in the room and become more courageous communicators.
  • Help reaffirm with what it feels like to truly collaborate and connect with a wider stakeholder environment in order to make the difference that the team needs to make in the world.
  • Help get clear on specific parameters for collective team success, what it means to be high performing and what it will look like to enact the change that is needed.

What does the Team Coaching process involve and what is the time commitment?

Diagnostic Team Survey:

An online survey distributed to each team member designed as an inquiry into what level the team perceives that it is currently performing. The survey is returned to the team coach by individuals and findings shared with the team. The survey results are also used to inform the bespoke design of the ongoing team coaching programme.

Team Exploration:

Short one to one meetings with each team member to understand their perspective on the team and establish what they hope to gain from the team coaching experience. Approximately 1 hour per meeting.

One to one Team Leader Coaching:

Throughout the team coaching engagement the team coach will conduct regular one to one executive coaching sessions with the team leader. This is an opportunity to co-create team learning opportunities and review the team’s development. Approximately 1 hour per coaching session.

Team Coaching Sessions:

Over the course of a team coaching engagement, the team or board can expect to receive at least 3 x 3 hour team coaching sessions delivered over 2 months at an inhouse venue or venue of their choosing.

Sessions typically include opportunities for the team to work as a whole unit but will also utilise the work in subgroups or through individual reflection. A commitment by all team members to attend each coaching session is important for shared input and agreement.

Team coaching will challenge team members to engage in open dialogue, sharing and listening to each other in a safe-to-fail environment.

How do I express interest?

Fill in this short form and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you

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