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JOB VACANCY: Oxfordshire Youth – Youth Support Worker

April 25, 2022

Oxfordshire Youth logoRole summary: Young people’s supported accommodation

We are proud to have joined forces with mental health and housing charity Response to provide an innovative new model of supported accommodation in Oxfordshire for young people aged 18-24. Our partnership approach ensures that:
• young people receive the best possible opportunities available
• staff receive the highest quality training to be the best coaches they can be
The new YPSA model has an aspirational vision. We want to see up to 130 young people transform their lives through engaging with life-changing opportunities in education, employment and training.
Our young people are being equipped with new tools and techniques to help them manage their mental health, develop financial autonomy and learn how to nurture, repair and sustain healthy relationships with the people that matter to them.

Job purpose

The progression coach is one of the most important roles within the YPSA service. All our coaches believe passionately in the potential of all young people to achieve their goals. Your job will be to actively listen and respond to the needs, dreams and ideas young people bring to the table. Progression coaches seek out opportunities that inspire young people to step outside their comfort zone, helping them to develop new behaviours and skills that enable them to move into independent living.
OY coaches bring offer a trauma-informed approach to their work which promotes self-development and enables young people to turn past adversity into future strengths and assets.
Progression coaches may be asked to support the caseload of other coaches within the service during periods when lower numbers of young people are on the caseload.
A youth work approach is adopted by progression coaches which means:
1. you will listen to and bee led by, the needs, ambitions and assets of the young person
2. you are an advocate for and champion of young people’s ability to acquire the skills needed to transition into a happy, positive and healthy adulthood
3. you can be a reliable, consistent and aspirational role model. Coaches exercise clear and professional boundaries which creates safety, respect and trust and is paramount to success. All coaches undertake professional boundaries training
All progression coaches receive high quality training to ensure they feel confident and motivated to help build skills in emotional literacy, emotional regulation, de-escalating conflict, mental health first aid, safeguarding (children and adults) physical wellbeing, financial empowerment, creativity and group skills.

Job location (usual place of work): Oxford, Cherwell and West, South and Vale

Pay rate: 24313

Job title: Youth Support Worker

Applications close on date:

Hours are: Full time

Contract is: Permanent

Job description: Key responsibilities
The progression coach:
• engages a case load of young people, providing each with a minimum of two weekly coaching sessions and one weekly group work session in their home enabling the young people to develop strong group relationships
• provide asset-based coaching empowering young people emotionally mentally, physically and in group relationships
• engage with light touch support for young people moving out of the service to ensure their smooth and safe transition
• create and share with relevant stakeholders up-to-date risk assessments ensuring the safeguarding of young people is at the forefront of your work
• strive for each young person, where possible, to be reconciled with their family through engaging effectively with adults, setting up and attending necessary meetings such as family group conferences, completing assessments and assisting in the design and implementation of reconciliation plans or pathway plans where reconciliation is not possible
• take responsibility for ensuring that young people’s individual pathway plans reflect assessed needs and aspirations, are implemented into practice and regularly reviewed and updated to reflect day-to-day changes
• proactively champion young people’s involvement in the co-design of the model and help support them to be confident in giving authentic and honest feedback, ensuring they are actively listened to and their ideas, interests and concerns are central to our engagement process
• work proactively with Response to ensure young people are safe in their homes, taking ownership of and pride in their environments aware of opportunities in the Response training offer, learning for example, key DIY skills
• prioritise the creative planning, design and support needed to ensure positive activities and opportunities are scheduled into weekends. Providing a clear structure and all necessary support for young people to make healthy and positive choices
• provide high quality and intensive support to young people who enter the e-eds, also working with sensitivity to the needs of those who will be sharing the accommodation to mitigate risk and negative impact
• engage in Action Learning, a transformational peer-to-peer evaluation and coaching model which will be taught to all young people, giving them vital skills in self-awareness, self-confidence, group listening and peer to peer support
• celebrate the achievements of young people’s efforts in maintaining a safe, clean and happy temporary home through active involvement in the brand-new Annual Tenancy Award Prize
• provide evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as trauma informed care, CBT skills, family mediation skills, psychologically informed environments and restorative practice
• map and consistently track the progress of young people’s growth and developmental needs using Outcomes Star, ensuring that young people understand the tool and feel a sense of ownership over their journey to growth and development. Link with contract organisations to ensure robust management information and reporting arrangements are in place
• liaise and build relationships with CAMHS, third sector organisations and wider partner organisations, to effectively provide the right opportunities at the right time with the right support in place for the young person to achieve
• keep up to date with relevant and associated policy developments
• record keep efficiently, including reporting incidents and ensuring complaints are dealt with

Full details: Youth Support Worker Job Summary April 2022

To apply, please contact: Applications and interviews will be reviewed as and when they are received.
To apply, please send a copy of your CV accompanied by a covering letter to recruitment@oxfordshireyouth.org, alternatively, visit https://oxfordshireyouth.org/engage/work-with-us/ for more information.

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