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OCVA – Trustees get together Forum for new and existing Trustees – 21st June 2022

June 8, 2022

OCVA logoAre you interested in becoming a Trustee?  

OCVA is hosting a forum for existing Trustees to share their experiences with potential trustees. The event will take place online on Tuesday 21st June – at 4 pm

If you would like to attend please complete this form:  Trustees Get together and Forum

Why become a Trustee ? 

Becoming a trustee is an incredibly rewarding way to volunteer not just your time, but also your ideas. As part of an organisation’s governing board, you play a crucial role in the charity’s overall direction. You’ll volunteer alongside other board members, making decisions collaboratively and acting in the best interests of the organisation. It’s a great role for someone to share experience they’ve gained from their career, and also a fantastic opportunity for younger or less experienced volunteers to expand their knowledge and realise their potential. Not sure what you would give? Don’t be daunted – trusteeship is all about learning how your charity works, and making decisions based on the experience you gain on the go. Your perspective is just as valuable as your skill-set. 

Trustee boards vary greatly in their structure, regularity of meetings, and overall culture. Board meetings are likely to take place between quarterly and monthly, with plenty of preparation to make important decisions about the charity. Every trustee board is different, so take a look at all the Trustee opportunities here. Perhaps there’s one which will be a perfect fit for you.

Find out more about what a trustee does. who can be one and the benefits of the role:  https://ocva.org.uk/volunteering/i-want-to-become-a-trustee/ 

If you need any further information, please email: vol@ocva.org.uk 

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