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OCVA – Volunteers Training and Support Matters – let us know your views

August 8, 2023

Two people in conversationA week after the Vision for Volunteering was published, I come to you to help us take the next steps in offering a training programme for volunteers across the county.

Upskilling volunteers invests in not only them personally but in the sector. We know a lot of volunteers are giving their time to more than one cause so investing in them is multiplied.

We also know that training for volunteers is something of a lottery, some receive no training at all, others need some skill specific training for them to be competent in their role or to attain a level of safety and others get lots of training both relating to their role and beyond.

Where does OCVA come in? Well, we have long offered discounted training to the third sector in Oxfordshire and pride ourselves on listening to organisations and offering low cost high quality training on a variety of issues. What we haven’t done is offer this specifically for volunteers.

But where to start?

We need to gather the views and opinions of those managing volunteers to help us create a trial that we can test. Putting on the right training in the right way. We don’t have contact with every volunteer in Oxfordshire, but we do have contact with many of those managing them.

Please help us take the first step by completing our Volunteer Training Survey.

The survey closes on September 8th.

Thank you,

Jenny Bowley
Volunteering Development Officer- vol@ocva.org.uk

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