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OCVA: Employee and Corporate volunteering update

October 3, 2023

Team Oxford have been doing great things in Oxfordshire for many years in bridging the gap between the corporate business world and with charities and non-profits. As you may have heard that work is being put on hold and enquiries will be coming to OCVA.

To help us manage this we are asking that any voluntary organisation who works with volunteers and are interested in opening their doors to businesses complete this form. This will help us create a database to manage the enquiries that we are already receiving from corporate companies,

We will also be asking any businesses to complete a form and the information is available here.

All the information about Employee Volunteering is available on our webpage https://ocva.org.uk/volunteering/employee-volunteering/

We really want to support the sector in matching the organisations who want to contribute to the right place. As always if there is anything you wish to share about this conversation share your thoughts via the vol@ocva.org.uk inbox or join the conversation at the Volunteer Coordinator Forum.

Jenny Bowley

Volunteering Development Officer



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