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Trustees’ Week: OCVA – Jenny talks to us about how we recruit through Oxon Volunteers – our volunteering website.

November 2, 2023

So, how does Oxon Volunteers support charities find trustees?

Oxon Volunteers has advertised twenty-six trustee roles in 2023 across Oxfordshire. The charities recruiting from these roles vary in education, the arts, health, heritage and more. The roles required often ask for financial background, legal, governance support, funding specialism and those with lived experience. Typically, we are seeing more charities looking to have a representative and diverse board and being clear about the experiences they would like their members to represent. We have over 6,000 registered members on Oxon Volunteers and our social’s have over 500 followers and posts are seen by thousands each month. The website goes some way to get the message heard, and backing this up with our social media spreads that message further.

And how does this link to your role as Volunteering Development Officer?

This year’s theme for Trustees week is- Many voices. Working together. With purpose. My role in managing the Oxon Volunteers site and the associated social media means I am often promoting what being a trustee is. I also take calls, appointments and hold drop ins on volunteering. There are some great videos, images and toolkits out there now to help people with understanding the difference between the types of volunteering and where being a trustee differs. I really like using videos and this one is great for people thinking of becoming a trustee. The Charity Commission also have videos which are useful short introductions.   I believe strongly in people taking informed choices, and this includes helping people with understanding what being a trustee is.

What tips would you share about advertising your trustee role?

It is important to be clear about what you are looking for in a trustee and provide information about how the interested party can find out more about you. Include information about when meetings are held and the location so you don’t waste time finding the ideal candidate and then find out they can’t come to meetings. Provide links to your website, charity commission pages and any social media. If you are looking to recruit from a certain demographic include this and why. Make sure your culture and purpose are clear and offer an informal conversation so people can ask questions before an interview. It is important that you find someone who is the right fit for you, and it’s okay if that person isn’t right.

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