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OCVA – Volunteer Fair plans for next year – sign up to be involved

November 7, 2023

Volunteer Fair plans

I have now been in my role for 9 months, and the one thing I hear almost everyday is the struggle to recruit volunteers. As part of my role, I would like to consider holding volunteer fairs to help match those organisations with prospective volunteers. To help me plan this event, I have devised an expression of interest form for an Oxford event. The feedback we get from this will really help to feed into our plans of what is most important in running an event of this type. Once we have run one in Oxford, I am keen to hold events like this in other parts of the county.

Jenny promoting volunteering

Please do complete this form if you are interested in taking part in a Volunteer Fair in Oxford.

If you have a venue in mind, anywhere in the county, or perhaps a partner organisation, please do let me know.

Jenny Bowley

Volunteering Development Officer


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