TOE2 and TVERC Recorders’ Grant Scheme TOE2 is delighted to invite applications for projects that improve the quality, quantity and/or coverage of voluntary species recording in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Applications may be standalone grants to support better recording or they may be linked to a larger biodiversity application to TOE2. Please contact us or look … Continue reading TOE2 – OXFORDSHIRE’S INDEPENDENT ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDER

NEWS: Balsam Family Project

Please see the following link for an update on the financial situation for Balsam Family Project. They will continue to run their college and Family Day until Easter and are hoping the funds raised will ensure that Balsam Family Project keeps on doing the great work they have always done.   The links states, a … Continue reading NEWS: Balsam Family Project

Funders Need to Change Game, Key Report Says

Lloyds Bank Foundation has published key research showing that the top three non-financial support areas charities need moving forward are in the: coordinating of funders, support with commissioning, and changes to the commissioning process Opportunities to work with other charities also scored high. The Lloyds report also concludes that "funders need to ensure that they … Continue reading Funders Need to Change Game, Key Report Says