OCVA website gets ‘easier’ facelift

The OCVA website has had a facelift to make it quicker than ever to access what you need.

Our new training programme to September 2016 has just been released. Services is where you can browse and book the essential sector training, or book and complenew-website.pngte fully-online sector-relevant training courses. Services is also where you can browse and book hire venue spaces, book and create job adverts to go out to the sector, and book/create other adverts to go out to the right audience too (new service just added).

Services also includes a feature for requesting bespoke sector insights, editing the data we hold about your group, looking for sector jobs, and browsing the options for our consultancy service.

Core Delivery is where you’ll find details on how we can help develop your voluntary or community group, charity, or social enterprise, make sure we are publicising your group’s details for you, get in touch with us about a contract bid, learn about physical networks and forums, join online networks with your desktop or with a mobile app, and more.

Our sector peers have been able to browse for funding opportunities whilst sitting on the bus for six months now (the browsing, not the bus sitting!). The online funding advice is free and now has over 250 opportunities listed. Some CVA’s like us buy this service in. We run our own, which saves on operating costs and cuts out middle men.

Our single point refugee resource for professionals making referrals was launched in December and gets roughly 20 users per week. Maps to show the public which groups are ‘in my area’ are all part of the ‘Core Delivery‘ area and are getting about 30 users per week.

OCVA’s work is wide, and our reach is broad. That makes our information hard to organise. With this update our aspiration was to make all of that information (157 pages, 429 posts) sensible and easier to navigate. Tell us what you think!

Reminder: Volunteer Centre Oxfordshire’s own website, vcoxfordshire.org is where you can find out about volunteering opportunities and events, volunteer coordinator meetings and more.

Source: Trevor Barton

Free- larder fridge to a good home

Healthwatch Oxfordshire have a larder fridge in very good working order that is free for any local group that is able to collect the fridge from our offices in the Oxford Business Park. We are moving offices and the new premises have a fridge, so we are offering this fridge to any group that may need it. We are happy to provide a photo on request. If interested, please contact our office on 01865 520520. The fridge will be offered on a first come first served basis and must be picked up by Friday 27th May morning.

CQC launch Better Care, In My Hands

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. We make sure that hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries and other care services in England provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care, and we encourage them to make improvements.

We are today publishing a report into the extent and quality of people’s involvement in their health and social care, based on new analysis of CQC’s national reports and inspection findings and on national patient surveys (please see the attached for more details). People’s right to being involved in their own care is enshrined in law in the fundamental standards of care. It is an essential part of person-centred care and leads to better and often more cost effective outcomes. This is particularly true for those with long term conditions or people who need to use services more intensively.

We wanted to share this report with you and also to ask you to share it with anyone you work with and may be interested. Additionally If you are able to support the launch of the Better Care In My Hands report on social media it would be great if you could tweet some of the following and/or use the hashtag #CareInMyHands:

•             #CareInMyHands finds 57% of people reported they definitely felt involved in their care http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands via @CarequalityComm

•             People with physical & mental health conditions feel less involved in their carehttp://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands  #CareInMyHands @CareQualityComm

•             People over 75  feel less involved in their care http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands #CareInMyHands @CareQualityComm

•             People with a learning disability feel less involved in their care http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands#CareInMyHands @CareQualityComm

•             Flexible advocacy provision is crucial for people to feel they have #CareInMyHands http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands @CareQualityComm

•             Community & peer support programmes help people manage their care http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands#CareInMyHands @CareQualityComm

•             Supported involvement of families & carers is crucial to ensure people have #CareInMyHands http://www.cqc.org.uk/careinmyhands @CareQualityComm

If you have any questions or would like more information then please let me know.


Samuel Wallace

Senior Regional Public Engagement and Involvement Officer (London & South East England)

Care Quality Commission (CQC)
CQC | 151 Buckingham Palace Road | London | SW1W 9SZ

E-mail: samuel.wallace@cqc.org.uk

Tel: 07747455180

Web: www.cqc.org.uk | Twitter

CQC Public events

Dear colleagues,

Following the publication of the CQC strategy at the end of this month, I am writing to let you know about three external stakeholder engagement events that we‘ll be hosting in June and July:

•                     27 June – Leeds
•                     12 July – London
•                     14 July – Birmingham

We will use these events to tell our stakeholders about our new strategy and the expected impact for those who provide and use health and social care services. We’ll also be asking for their feedback on a number of areas of our work, including:

•                     Our role in encouraging improvement in care quality
•                     Improving registration
•                     CQC guidance and information for providers
•                     How we can better gather the views and experiences of people who use services to help target inspection activity

You can register for these events here: http://www.cqcstrategy-summerevents.glasgows.co.uk/

These events are for those working in organisations that represent people who use health and social care services, we are separately inviting provider organisations. Attendance at these events is voluntary, this means there is generally no payment or expenses offered. However, we will consider expense claims on a case-by-case basis in order to support people in exceptional circumstances. All expense claims need to be agreed and booked in advance by CQC. Please get in touch with cqcstrategy@glasgows.co.uk  to discuss your request.

We have received a positive response and high level of interest in these events so far. Please still register for the event of your choice even if you are directed to the waiting list. More places will be released soon.

The events are being delivered by an events management company called Glasgows and stakeholders will be directed to sign up via a dedicated website, or email queries to cqcstrategy@glasgows.co.uk or telephone the dedicated events line on 01772 767731. Please email cqcstrategy@glasgows.co.uk if you have any access requirements.

Samuel Wallace

Senior Regional Public Engagement and Involvement Officer (London & South East England)

Bring and Fix café

Need something fixing? Want to meet others? Want to share your skills?

Then come along to the:

Bring and Fix café

Bullingdon Community Centre, Peat Moors, Headington OX3 7HS

Tuesdays 10 am to 12 Noon (not school holidays)

We offer:

Help fixing broken toys and household items
Use of work bench and tools
Free teas, coffees, biscuits

For more information please ring Bullingdon Community Association