As deep budget cuts threaten services across the county, OCVA is working with commissioners to find ways for organisations to come together and deliver contracted services.

Contracts available

When we are undertaking work with specific groups (communities of interest, communities of place) we will post them here. If you have found a contract you wish to bid for and would like help do contact us. More general contract and funding alerts are posted by us in Pulse.

About this

Faced with £285m of budget cuts until 2018, County Council Members admit that services must change or they will wither and die.

Addressing this warning, OCVA identified opportunities for Oxfordshire’s voluntary, community, charity and social enterprise (non-profit) sector to co-design innovative services, secure additional investment and win outcomes-based contracts – focused on the highly valued services that people want and need. This will help local organisations to secure long-term guaranteed funding rather than relying solely on short-term grants and donations. Surpluses can be retained to increase capacity and capabilities.

Commissioners support this proposal

Commissioners are working with us to develop a co-commissioning model. By innovating with pooled funds and flexible contracts, focused on measurable and sustained social impact, Oxfordshire’s non-profits will attract additional impact investment from within the county and across the country.

Project manager: Angela Cristofoli
Funding: Core