23rd March 2016. Cornerstone Arts, Didcot.

‘What you told us and our response’ VCS Forum March 2016

Final delegate list

Delegate List 2016 (PDF, 50Kb)

Final Programme and Course Descriptions

Council Updates

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The landscape for the Voluntary and Community sector: Doing more for less: a focus on ‘volunteers and funding’ in light of the national trend towards cuts

Kathy Shaw  – Kathy Shaw Powerpoint

Accessing Valuable Support from Business – Grant Hayward Powerpoint


F1 Sports and Recreation facilitated session

F2 Info Advice Advocacy facilitated session

F3 Community and Parish facilitated session

F4 Children and Young People facilitated session

F5 Health and Social Care facilitated session

Training sessions

1A / 2A: Volunteers: Get them! Keep them! Sing their praises! Don’t let them go!

Val Ireland. Not available.

1B / 2B: How to manage a successful voluntary organisation with limited resources

Kathy Shaw – Word document notes and Powerpoint (KS)

Trevor Barton, OCVA  PowerPoint Presentation (Pptx, 93Kb) and Transcript (Word, 127Kb)

1C / 2C: Win that bid: How to become a better bid writer –

John Hayes

1D / 2D: Succeed by being Social

Stephen Hasley