Name Usu. Size of Grants Your income range Can your running costs be covered too? Type of project sought Closing Dates Weblink
Wolfson Foundation £15,000 – £100,000 Not stated Buildings, refurbishments, equipment The Wolfson Foundation funds new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for a range of organisations delivering excellent care and support. This funding tends to focus on enhancing care, providing better opportunities and improving quality of life. The Foundation’s funding in this area is focused on:

  1. Palliative care and hospices
  2. Older people
  3. Transitions and independence
For 2016 it was 1 July Link
Transform Foundation £18,000 Small to medium Website building costs This programme can cover the upfront costs of a new charity-specific website including strategy, design, development and training. The grant will pay for the entire upfront costs of £18,000. The Website Grant is aimed at small to medium-sized charities and other not for profit organisations with a social mission. Rolling basis Link
Power to Change £50,000 – £300,000 ? Yes To support the development of sustainable community-led enterprises across England to help more people respond to local need and opportunity, and change the places in which they live for the better. Grants are available over three funding rounds to help existing locally based and community-led businesses in England to increase their social impact and make them more viable in the long term. ? Link 
The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund – DevelopmentGrants £50,000plus ? ? Carers, or rehabilitation. For
example, be used to enable an organisation to make
a step change such as diversifying its income streams or setting up a social
enterprise to help it become more sustainable in the long term.
? Link