Note: This is a work in progress

Many websites provide good content from funders, but it’s sometimes behind a “walled garden” and you have to pay to access it. Every interface is different. And every bid process is different. As a charity, we can’t recommend one service over another. Other services will exist. (Traditional ‘online databases’ are slowly giving way to free ‘open data’ sites.)



Free list of UK wide grantmakers

Free service, UK/World, theme based search.
The Trustfunding Interface (the same database system on all three sites)
The IDOX Interface (Grantfinder / GRANTnet) (the database system sold to some district councils, made free at point of use for residents of those districts)

Data from EU down to local level. Paid subscription. Includes local government. Cherwell DC provide residents free access to GRANTnet (which is the same data).

Free subscription content.
Can search by geo area or theme. No historic data. Paid access.
Arts Council England
A basic HTML list of arts-related funders and their own funds
Localgiving/ Justgiving

A place to investigate wider sources of funding.


Grantcraft Foundationmaps
Paid subscription only.
Grantselect (US/ World)
Signup only.
EU, Govt Agency, Foundations, Trusts. Paid subscription only.
FundingInformation.Org (Profunding)
Paid subscription service.
“We cover grantmaking trusts, companies, the European Union, the Lottery, central and local government and quangos in the one place.”
EU Money Service
This is an email alert, not published data.

European Funding Network (NCVO)
A running RSS feed of varying opportunities.

Subscription based. One of the largest US-based ones.


The following websites may no longer be available (unverified):

Note: This is a work in progress

  • Local Futures
  • Grantsnet
  • fit4funding
  • Funderfinder (has ceased to operate)
  • Funds for Historic Buildings