Name Usu. Size of Grants Your income range Can your running costs be covered too? Type of project sought Closing Dates Weblink
Society Foundation Up to £1,000 Under £500,000 Not stated The Society Foundation is an independent registered charity, funded and supported by the executive search firm Society. The Foundation offers grants to organisations who are seeking to help young people move towards paid employment. Unknown Link
Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme – Department for Education Unknown but see examples in web link Unknown Unknown The government is calling for charities to come forward with bids for innovative and creative ideas to improve life chances for young people in their local area – with successful schemes backed by a slice of £200 million. 7 July (for 2016) Link
DSC Social Change Awards: Rising Star Award Unknown N/A N/A This new category is for young persons who have made a major impact in their organisation/community by achieving positive change themselves or by engaging others to bring about concrete results. The young person will have made these achievements through interaction with a single project or a range of services such as volunteering, campaigning, lobbying or fundraising/project organisation. This category is limited to young persons up to and including the age of 25. Unknown Apply
Oxford City Council Holiday Activities Fund for Young People £20,000 out of £130,000 Any, but see application process details Yes
  • You must not be funded by the Council already for the same project
  • Match funding is acceptable

See the full criteria

(The full terms and conditions are available to read)

10th January 2016 Application form
BBC Children in Need. Terms and conditions on website or 0345 609 0015 or drop an email to: Pudsey AT Small grants of £10,000 for one year, Main grants of over £10,000 for up to 3 years Unknown Unknown Organisations working with children and young people aged 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through:

  • illness, distress, abuse or neglect;
  • any kind of disability;
  • behavioural or psychological difficulties
  • living in poverty or situations of deprivation
Small grants: 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.  You can expect to receive a decision in around 9-10 weeks.

Main grants: 15th January, 15th May and 15th September.  You will hear within a few weeks of submitting your Initial Application whether you are invited to submit your full application.  You can expect to receive a final decision in around 5 months.

Sarah Nowell Education Foundation, The Oxford £1,000 ? ? It could be the costs of training to be a hairdresser or travelling to a college. We can also help youth groups or dance clubs. As long as the grant will help someone in our ‘area of benefit’ and it involves learning it’s eligible. Our area of benefit is Littlemore, Blackbird leys, Rose Hill & Cowley. Decisions are only made twice per year. Clerk, Susan Morrison at 22 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4ES or john.tanner AT
Weavers Company Benevolent Fund, The £500 to £15,000 ? ? Disadvantaged young people (5-30) and
December, March, August Link
Bartle Family Charitable Trust Discrectionary  ? Grants are available for registered charities
carrying out projects that support disabled and disadvantaged young people in
West Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.
? jb AT
David Laing Foundation Discretionary  ? Grants for charitable organisations in
Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire that work in
the areas of youth, disability and the arts.
The Woodward Charitable Trust £500 to £5,000 ? ? Children, young people,
disadvantaged women, disability groups
? Link
The Monica Rabagliati Charitable Trust £1,000 to £10,000 Small to medium Unknown Grants primarily in support of
organisations that focus on the alleviation of child suffering and
Twice per year Link
The Hilden Charitable Trust UK Fund £5,000 Unknown Unknown In the UK: Hilden’s grant making priorities
are: Homelessness, Penal Affairs, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and Community
Based initiatives for Disadvantaged Young People Aged 16 to 25.
Various Link
True Colours Trust Unknown Unknown Unknown This grant programme is for UK
organisations with projects within the UK only. This programme is to provide
support for children and young adults, from the age range 0-26 years. (Other
funds from this trust may not be unsolicited. The small grants scheme is
Unknown Link
vInspired Cashpoint £500 n/a yes We’ll stump up the cash
if:The project is run by a 14-25 year old volunteer in the UK
The project has a clear community benefit
The main aim of the project is not to fundraise
The project is either completely new or something
you’ve done before but would like to do differently
At least two unpaid 14-25 year old volunteers can help you out
The project costs £500 or less and vInspired Cashpoint is the only funder.
Initial response in 10 days Link
DM Thomas Foundation Up to £30,000 Unknown Unknown Children and young people with
Children and young people who are sick in hospital
Employability and training programmes for disadvantaged young people
Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care)
May, July, October Link
Peter Cruddas Foundation Unknown Unknown Unknown The Foundation gives priority to
programmes designed to help disadvantaged and disengaged
young people in the age range of 14 to 30, to pursue pathways to Education,
Training and Employment with the ultimate aim of helping them to become
financially independent.
Preference will be given to the support of projects undertaken by UK
registered charitable organisations (currently not CIC’s or Social
Enterprises), in England and Wales only, for the
benefit of such people.
Unknown Link
Rosa UK Fund for Women and Girls Unknown Unknown Unknown Rosa’s mission is to support:

  • women and girls to create a society in which they:
  • Have an equal voice
  • Are safe and free from fear and violence
  • Enjoy good health and wellbeing
  • Achieve economic justice
Unknown Link
Green Square Community Chest Fund £750 to £1,000 n/a unknown Grants are only awarded to
groups in areas where GreenSquare have
properties and GreenSquare residents must have the potential to benefit from
the project, i.e. there is nothing preventing them from joining in with the
event/project if they wish to.Preference will be given to projects helping the following target groups: –

  • Black and minority ethnic communities – Lone parents
  • Disengaged young people
  • People with health related problems – People in rural communities
  • Unemployed people
  • Older people living alone – Disabled people

What kind of things does the GreenSquare Community Fund (Isis)

  • Social events for the community, e.g. coach trips, fun days, street party
  • Equipment e.g. games for a youth club; crockery for a lunch club
  • Environmental projects and improvements
  • Printing and publicity for your community event/project
  • Training to improve your organisation’s effectiveness – such
    as help with the management of your organisation, financial management,
    fundraising, or developing a business plan
  • Small scale research
  • Local events and one-off projects
  • Volunteers’ expenses such as travel, childcare, refreshments,
  • Visiting other projects to share ideas.
Unknown. There was a funding round in 2015. Veronica Rydh-Smith, Community Involvement Officer on 01865 782546 or at veronica.rydhsmith AT or Link
The Elizabeth Jane Foundation Unknown Unknown Unknown The Foundation aims to alleviate conditions
of distress, deprivation and disadvantage in children and young
people.Specifically,The Foundation works with building family values and in
crime prevention.
Unknown Link
Alec Dickson Trust £500 Unknown Unknown The Alec Dickson Trust supports
young people in the UK who want to use volunteering or community service to
do brilliant things in their communities.
We think that young people are amazing and that they have the potential to
make the world a better place through volunteering. So, we provide grants of
up to £500 to individuals or groups of young people aged 30 or under, to help
them put their ideas into action and run projects that benefit the lives of
others – particularly the most marginalised and disadvantaged.
When we assess projects, we’re looking for:
We support projects that support and encourage youth volunteering. We
particularly like to fund projects that involve lots of volunteers, and/or
encourage these young people to stay engaged as volunteers in the long
We support young people who run projects that benefit disadvantaged
communities and individuals. We’re looking for projects that identify a
specific need, and propose to carry out activities that will clearly help to
address this need. Often it’s about young volunteers helping to give others
the opportunity to engage in activities, have a voice, and meet people that
they otherwise would not have been able to.
Quarterly Link
Pothecary Wytham Weld: The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation Up to £10,000 (information may be out of date) Small (mainly voluntary) organisations Unknown Includes: The skills based training of young people January, April, July and October Link