Where does our sector need to be in five years’ time?

  • Public funds retracting
  • Greater competition for contracts
  • Consolidating and collaborating
  • Changing climate, changing world, changing needs

    How have we innovated already?

  • Networks and Forums supported by online networks with mobile app
  • The first Council for Voluntary Action to publish open data
  • The only UK body to create a standard for open data publishing on the voluntary and community sector
  • Developing an app
  • Not all CVAs have a database. Ours has 85% sector coverage and we’re using it to analyse sector needs and priorities
  • The first CVA in the UK to initiate an annual online census of the sector locally
  • One of the first UK charities to publish to Apple News


Image source: http://www.wun.ac.uk/wun/globalchallenges/view/responding-to-climate-change

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