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Name/link Permission Status
Barriers to Housing Services in Oxfordshire  On request  Active
 Building Better Opportunities 2015  On request  Retired (60+ registrants)
 ChiCO – Children’s Centres Oxfordshire  On request  Active
 Community Level Asylum-seeker and Refugee Support Oxfordshire (CLARSO)  On request  Active
 CSE Prevention Think Tank  Invitation only  In development
 CYPF Children & Young People Forum for Oxfordshire  On request  Active, with 50+ users
 OCVA Trustees  Invitation only  Available
 OSCA – Oxfordshire Stronger Communities  Invitation only  Active with 80% usage
 FoodBanksOxon  Invitation only  Active
 RASG – refugee and asylum-seeker coordination group  Invitation only  Active

Groups marked “on request” mean you can invite other people to join as you wish. All requests to join are manually curated by OCVA (or in some groups our contractors or partners) so it may take a couple of days for us to process the approval. Thank you for your patience.

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