Welcome to Oxfordshire and More Help

Lead Contact: Asylum Welcome
office@asylum-welcome.org or phone 01865 722082
Who they help: Asylum seekers and Refugees (single adults, families and unaccompanied children).
Welcome Centre with community information, maps of Oxford, leaflets, people who can answer questions and help you make appointments, a place where you can pick up letters addressed to you if you do not have a regular place to live.
Advice on the immigration process. There is also advice for young people.

    • making a claim for Asylum Support (including Section 4 support), and assistance to complete forms and progress claims with the Home Office.
    • Advice for people with UN Refugee Status or Leave to Remain on claiming welfare benefits, assistance to complete forms and progress claims with JobCentrePlus.
    • Advice on housing options, including referrals to Oxford City Council Housing Department, and to projects aimed at preventing homelessness.
    • Referrals to Oxfordshire County Council social services in cases where children face homelessness.
    • Advice and information on family tracing and family reunion.
    • Advice on registering children in schools, liaising with schools to help children to settle.
    • Preparation for the Government Citizenship Test.
    • Assistance to register with a doctor, liaising with hospitals and clinics regarding medical treatment, and
    • Help with completing forms for free medical care.
    • Referrals for those with mental health conditions.
    • Information on a range of opportunities open to refugees and asylum seekers in Oxford
    • Advice and referrals to relevant authorities on matters of personal safety including domestic violence, racial harassment, trafficking, etc.
    • Advice on options for refused asylum seekers, including further submissions, voluntary returns etc.
    • Advice in terms of legal support and knowing your legal rights

There is also a women’s group where you can make friends, and a men’s group.

Usual opening times:

  • Pre-booked appointments and phone lines 9.30 – 5.00 Monday
  • Drop-ins, food, phone lines, appointment advice 9.30 – 4.00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Youth club Tuesday evening.
  • Telephone advice for detainees is available either on the office number 01865 722082 during opening hours or on the mobile number 07740 108550 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Other organisations

British Red Cross (Arjun Malhotra amalhotra@redcross.org.uk 01235 552 661)
For people refused asylum, asylum seekers and refugees

  • Case work support to find routes out of destitution
  • Facilitate access to other services such as:
    • Legal services
    • Health services
    • Accommodation
    • Education
    • Training and employment
  • Advocacy: Provide advocacy on issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees through national and regional forums and on an individual basis.
  • Destitution relief: short term emergency cash support.
  • Provision of food and goods e.g. clothes: they have the ability to make these provisions available directly or by signposting to other agencies.
  • Family Reunion Support and Travel Assistance: In some cases, they can help pay travel costs for refugees whose families live overseas and have been granted a visa to come to the UK.
  • International Family Tracing Services: For individuals in the UK who wish to trace their family in Europe and elsewhere, please refer to British Red Cross local International Family Tracing. There is also an online tracing service forthose wishing to trace family on the move in Europe.
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC): They can also provide IFT information and awareness sessions and First Aid awareness for emergencies to new UASCs as part of an induction package.
  • Also see adult first aid education

Citizens Advice Oxfordshire
The Citizens Advice Bureau is charity with centres in Oxford, Wheatley, Kidlington, Abingdon, Didcot, and Witney. (See locations.) They are places where you can go to get advice about benefits, work, debt, relationships, housing, your legal rights, discrimination, paying tax, and other things. You have to book an appointment.

Refugee Resource (Kate Hood, Director, katehood@refugeeresource.org, 01865 403280)
They work with Citizens Advice Bureau to help you get advice. They also work with Immigration solicitors to ensure your needs are met.

Alb International Aid Merita Xibri merita.xibri@albaid.org 07572 071545

  • Advocacy
  • housing and benefits
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Human trafficking
  • Exploitation
  • Social events
  • Mentoring
  • Befriending services

Help for refugees and asylum seekers in Swindon.