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Coronavirus/COVID 19 – Looking to volunteer to help in your local area?

This information page has been set up by OCVA for those who wish to volunteer to support local people and communities during the current coronavirus situation.

Local support groups may not be directly affiliated with OCVA and we are not accountable for their activities.

All local opportunities are now on the Oxon Volunteers webpage: https://oxonvolunteers.org/vk/volunteers/index.htm

Thinking about volunteering activities during November 2020 lockdown: Decision-making under lockdown Nov 2020 (002)

Oxfordshire County Council advice on how volunteers can stay safe and keep others safe Covid-19 Volunteering

Government advice on volunteering:

FAQs page on Questions related to Volunteering


How do I register as an NHS volunteer to help tackle coronavirus?
The government has issued an urgent call for a quarter of a million people to register as a volunteer for the NHS to help tackle the coronavirus crisis. More details:


Funding related to COVID-19

Further information about funding sources during the pandemic.

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COVID-19: Support, advice and information for the community
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