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Diversified Income Streams

NCVO have published a guideline called the Income Spectrum (1.2Mb, PDF). Do read this. Based on their work, we have produced our own much simplified version of the table (page 3), with local suggestions for each. This is a work in progress.


Income streamSuggestions
Unrestricted gifts from individuals
  • Individual giving (Online: PayPal, EveryClick, and more, Offline: appeals, Waitrose Community Matters, and so many more!)
  • fundraising (traditional, online)
  • donations (Online: JustTextGiving, donation forms, PayPal buttons, Offline: forms at events)
  • encouraging legacy giving (wishes forms)
 Unrestricted gifts from private sector
  • Corporate sponsorship
Grants: trusts, foundations, lottery
Grants: public sectorOxfordshire County Council no longer provide any, but check District and City websites.
Grants: private sector

You could ask:

Contracts: public sector agencies

If you are applying for any contract do let us know as we can probably help strengthen your chances.

Contracts: private sector Information to follow
Contracts: voluntary organisations Information to follow
Open market to individuals, to groups in our own sector, to public sector agencies, or to the private sector
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