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Funding sources during coronavirus pandemic

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Youth Covid-19 Support Fund:

  • National Lottery Communities Fund

  • Association of Mental Health providers

The Department of Health and Social Care has made £5 million available to help VCS organisations based in England continue to provide mental health services – or provide additional support – organisations can apply for a Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund (CMHRF) grant.

Through the Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund, small and large grants of between £5,000 and £50,000 are available to help increase mental support for people with and at risk of developing mental health problems.

This might include:

  • befriending support,
  • support or advice workers,
  • peer support,
  • and practical help including support whilst in self-isolation.

Funding can cover costs such as core and capital costs, and direct project costs such as staff and volunteer training.

Applications can be made at any time and will be assessed every two weeks for an anticipated eight to ten weeks.

Full details:

  • Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council has allocated a funding pot of £15,000 for each county councillor to allocate to local causes for this financial year.

There are guidance notes on the webpage that explain what it can and cannot be used for and how to go about applying for funding. We’re currently giving priority to and expediting COVID-19 related applications.

Full details:

  • The Council has decided to create a Service Sustainability Fund to respond to the current pressures that services face, in order to provide immediate support to the social care market in a targeted way.

We are doing this by inviting providers to make application for financial support to meet their most pressing business needs where they have incurred additional costs that are Covid19 related; such application to be made along with supporting evidence indicating where their business has incurred the same.

Full information:

20.03.30 Letter Service Sustainability Payment_Final STC

Service Sustainability Fund Covid 19 Claim Form v 1.7 FINAL

  • Cherwell

Cherwell District Council – Councillor Priority Fund

Banbury Town Council –

Bicester Town Council –


Crisis has launched a national scheme which offers emergency grants to help partner providers needing funding to support  people experiencing homelessness to get through the coronavirus emergency.   What grants can organisations apply for?

  • Awards up to £5k for short-term responses to the coronavirus emergency (projects within 3 months), following a limited/fast-tracked application process (payments made in advance).
  • Awards up to £50k to fund long-term needs and potential expansion or change in service delivery, following a full application process (payments in advance, but potential for staged payments over a specified period).

Who can apply for a grant?

  • Local organisations across the UK (i.e. providing specific services in a set number of locations – not national or sub-regional)
  • Registered charities who provide services to those experiencing homelessness
  • Funding to be restricted to assistance needed to cope with the impact of coronavirus, and not simply to meet wider funding gaps
  • Funding could be to meet additional demand or reduction in staffing or other resources caused by impact of coronavirus

The webpage for the programme is here



A quick way to apply for smaller amounts of funding between £300 and £10,000.

COVID-19 Response: All the funding decisions we make for the next six months will prioritise addressing the current crisis. Across our England funding programmes, we will prioritise applications that are COVID-19 related.

Full details:


We are pleased to announce that we will be making funding available for work directly related to the pandemic, addressing specific challenges and helping to contribute to social change which tackles financial problems and improves living standards for those on low-to-middle incomes in the UK. More detail about our approach and the types of activities we fund are outlined in more detail in our funding guidelines. Please do read this document as this provides greater detail about our funding programmes, as outlined below.

We will fund a range of strategic work. This is work that benefits more than individuals and has the potential to benefit large numbers of people within the UK. This work must aim to create a step change in policy, practice, attitudes and/or behaviour. It includes policy work, campaigning, research, public attitudinal work, and improving practice and design. More details:,6TXFT,OLTPKB,RDI4V,1


Ensuring the people and organisations that make up our arts, museums and libraries are protected during the coronavirus crisis is our number one priority.

We are making £160 million of emergency funding available for those organisations and individuals who will need it during this crisis, and we have also changed the funding requirements for individuals and organisations currently in receipt of our funding, to help alleviate pressure on them as best we can.

Funding for organisations outside of the National Portfolio 

£50 million will be made available to organisations that are not in receipt of regular funding from the Arts Council. Organisations who have applied to National Lottery Project Grants are welcome to apply for this support.

Funding for individuals 

We want to support artists, creative practitioners and freelancers as best we can in this crisis. We’re making £20 million of financial support available to individuals, so they can better sustain themselves, and their work, in the coming months.

Funding for National Portfolio Organisations  

We will be making £90 million available to NPOs. We hope organisations will use this funding to reboot their creative work, but we also understand it may be required to alleviate financial pressures on NPOs.

Full details:


We are now prioritising our funds to support projects that demonstrate an immediate impact on those effected by the Covid-19 virus crisis. As a community we believe we are a resourceful and adventurous bunch and we welcome any applications from individuals or organisations serving those affected by the coronavirus across the country.

We will check applications daily and fast-track any that meet our criteria.

    • Examples of projects we will consider:
  • Being active in your local community to help elderly or vulnerable people
  • Minimising the impact of self-isolation for those in quarantine and need access to food, medicines or social care
  • Supporting foodbanks and increasing the number of meals on wheels deliveries to support the elderly
  • Supporting those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation
  • Bringing adventure indoors and overcoming the obstacles that prevent us benefiting from going outdoors

Full details:

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