Society Foundation = The Foundation offers grants to organisations who are seeking to help young people move towards paid employment.

Oxford City Council – Youth Ambition Grants – Young People in Oxford City.

BBC Children in Need

Sarah Nowell Education Foundation –  provides assistance for the education of young people,in the parishes of Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Iffley & Littlemore, Oxford, where there is a financial need, funds going to the individual, or, more often, to schools, playschemes, or organisations such as the Sea Scouts or Guides. Clerk, Susan Morrison at 22 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4ES.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation – The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is about helping young people (aged 14-25) in the most precarious positions, where making the transition to adult independence is most challenging.

Weavers Company Benevolent Fund = Disadvantaged young people (5-30) and offenders/ex-offenders.

Kirby Laing Foundation – Education, with a particular interest in the promotion of science and engineering, and youth development.

David Laing Foundation – Emphasis on youth, disability and the arts.

The Woodward Charitable Trust – Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour.

The Monica Rabagliati Charitable Trust –  primarily in support of organisations that focus on the alleviation of child suffering and deprivation.

The Hilden Charitable Trust UK Fund – Community Based initiatives for Disadvantaged Young People aged 16 to 25 and summer playschemes.

True Colours Trust –  This programme is to provide support for children and young adults, from the age range 0-26 years.

D.M. Thomas Foundation – Children and young people with disabilities, Children and young people who are sick in hospital, Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care).

Peter Cruddas Foundation  The Foundation gives priority to programmes designed to help disadvantaged and disengaged young people in the age range of 14 to 30, to pursue pathways to Education,Training and Employment with the ultimate aim of helping them to become financially independent.

Rosa –  fund for women and girls to create a society in which they have an equal voice, are safe and free from fear and violence, enjoy good health and wellbeing, achieve economic justice.

The Elizabeth Jane Foundation – aims to alleviate conditions of distress, deprivation and disadvantage in children and young people. Specifically,The Foundation works with building family values and in
crime prevention.

Alec Dickson Trust – supports young people in the UK who want to use volunteering or community service to
do brilliant things in their communities. So, we provide grants of up to £500 to individuals or groups of young people aged 30 or under, to help them put their ideas into action and run projects that benefit the lives of
others – particularly the most marginalised and disadvantaged.

Pothecary Wytham Weld: The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation – Includes: the skills based training of young people.