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Payment is online

If you do have to pay, PayPal lets you pay by card or by using an existing PayPal account. Just select the option you want when you get to the PayPal screen. Please have your card details ready. Not completing the payment on PayPal’s website may mean that we will not be aware that you have applied for membership.

Do you qualify for free membership?

If you are an OCVA funder or partner, or financed by one, there’s no need to pay (step 1 below). Go straight to step 2.

Why do we ask for so much detail?

The more detail we have, the more we (and others) can help you in future. Please scan through the form first; have you got all the information you will need? Do you need to make notes and come back later?

*Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

Data Protection

(We use Google Forms on this website. Information you submit on the below form will be held on Google’s servers outside the EU. Having read Google’s terms of use thoroughly, we trust that Google (Alphabet, Inc.) won’t misuse or reuse the information. If your own sense of trust is lower, and you’d rather not use the below form write and tell us and different registration arrangements can be made.)

Once received, OCVA will record the information you provide on our internal contacts database. In addition to this, many of our members choose to be included in our open data of Oxfordshire’s non-profit sector. Being listed is a way to promote your organisation to funders and others free of charge. It’s also part of our plan for the future – connecting open data on groups, funders, and needs in different areas to help you find funds and get noticed.

We would like to add your organisation’s details to the open data but this isn’t compulsory. (There’s a choice question for this on the form.)

Membership Charges for 2016-17

Membership fee depends on your accounts. If your financial accounts are centralised, then one central membership of OCVA will also apply to any projects/ outlets/ sub-organisations with different addresses and even different names. For example, if you are a large organisation with a project in Oxfordshire, you can join and this covers your Oxfordshire-based project too. Or, the project can join and this covers you. You don’t have to be based physically in Oxfordshire to be a Member, but you do have to be working in Oxfordshire in some capacity to be in our public directory.

If projects or outlets have separate financial accounts, they will need to join OCVA individually. For example, even if you began as a local-government funded project and would therefore normally receive free membership along with all our funders and their projects, but you now have your own accounts, you need to join separately. (It’s about differentiating what the legal entity is.)

Registration is a two-step process. If you register your details without paying, or pay without registering then your membership request is not complete.

When you have completed step 1, you should be redirected from PayPal back to this web page to complete Step 2 (below).

Membership fee normally depends on the income you had in your last complete financial yearunless you are commercial/ statutory/ academic and joining as an associate.

Step 1: 2016-17 Financial Year Prices – please pay online using PayPal
Bracket Description Pay now
Type A non-profit with income less than £5,000 a year £10
Type B non-profit with income £5,000 to £100,000 a year and individuals £25
Type C non-profit with income of more than £100,000 a year £65
Type C Associates Commercial/ statutory/ academic organisations who wish to join £65

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March and there is no reduced rate for joining after 1 April. However, members joining after 1 January will receive up to three months free membership, taking their membership through to 31 March of the following financial year.

Step 2: Please register your details