Inspired from his experience as a 2012 Games Maker, John is now a volunteer for the charity Style Acre.

Name of volunteer: John Andrew Dilley

How did you get involved in volunteering?

I applied for and became a London Ambassador for the 2012 Olympic Games and I volunteered during the Paralympic games. I decided to follow this up by applying for a role with Style Acre.

What does your volunteering involve / describe a typical volunteering session?

I work as a tea room volunteer in a front of house capacity, supporting adults with learning difficulties. In this role we serve customers –taking kitchen meal orders, making a wide range of teas and coffees, serving a variety of homemade cakes as well as waiting on tables, clearing tables and generally trying to provide an excellent level of customer service.

What difference do you think you make through your volunteering?

I think that by being a team player and showing empathy I help to instil confidence in the adults I support and as a result we provide an excellent level of service to our customers- especially as they come back time after time. Having fun and working hard also makes this happen.

What do you get out of your volunteering?

New friends, a sense of being part of a team- enjoyment and doing something totally different to my former working life. I have also learned how to make a good cup of coffee as well as being the man who broke the prettiest tea pot.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering later in life can help fill a big gap after retirement. It enables you to meet people in an environment with others who are also keen to make things happen. It opens doors to new experiences and keeps your mind active, setting new challenges and offering the opportunity to learn and develop new skills.