Philip came to the Volunteer Centre drop-in service in the Job Centre to find out about volunteering and then saw an advertisement to help with his local Good Neighbour Scheme. As Philip is himself recovering from surgery, the regular walks with the elderly man he supports is helping them both!

Name: Philip Rizza

How did you get involved in volunteering? I saw an advertisement in Thame for volunteering with the Good Neighbour Scheme.

What does your volunteering involve? I visit an elderly man and take him out on walks to help him become more mobile after knee surgery. We then have a chat and a cup of tea.

What difference to you think you make through your volunteering? I think it is important to make contact with elderly people who can be lonely and housebound. I think simple human contact with someone is so important to their wellbeing.

What do you get out of your volunteering? I get satisfaction in trying to help others stay happy and engaged with the world. I think the saying ‘do unto others, as you would be done by’ really sums it all up. Help another person.