Clem became a volunteer for the Prison and Care Trust (PACT) when she took retirement. Here she talks about what she enjoys about her role with PACT.

“When I retired from teaching and after a spell of child minding while my daughter did further trainclem
ing, I wanted to find something else I could do usefully.  I remembered a volunteering leaflet I’d
collected up in a r
estaurant about helping in the prison service and after an initial interview I started work
with Sova with Oxford Probation
Service in 2008.  I continued with Pact after Sova stopped working in Oxfordshire.

I really enjoy the work I do.  I’ve always liked working with people and it is such a good opportunity to use skills I’ve been taught, and – to misquote- it keeps me on the streets.  Every p
erson’s needs are a bit different, so the work is varied and I feel very privileged to be helping and hopefully building up knowledge in basic skills, to give people confidence for their future in the workplace”.